Nutrition is the process by which an individual selects, consumes, digests, absorbs and utilizes food. Your success in sports depends to a large degree on how and what you feed your body. That, after all, is where the energy for achievement comes from.

Nutrition is a critical part of every athlete’s development. Know what foods give you energy to boost your performance; what foods provide fuel for extended workouts, and what supplements aid in recovery. Strong bodies and strong minds improve performance. The goal is to eat properly to win! Health as used here refers to your overall well-being including rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, emotional control, vitality and vigor. 

Good nutrition is essential for optimal health and top performance during any physical activity. Exercise, whether intensive or mild, increases both fluid and nutrient requirements. Incorporating the right foods and beverages prior to all exercise is essential for peak performance, whether for a brisk walk, heavy workout, or a competition.

Athletes can improve their nutritional knowledge by recognizing the desirable food sources, understanding the recommended intakes of those food sources and realizing the caloric contributions of the various nutrients. In addition, becoming familiar with caloric needs along with the principles for weight management – that is, gaining, losing or maintaining bodyweight – can provide support for nutritional planning. Knowing what foods/fluids to consume before and after vigorous activity will facilitate the objective to maximize performance as an athlete. Finally, good nutritional practices will help determine whether or not nutritional supplementation is needed.

Implementing good nutritional practices has several purposes. First of all, proper nutrition plays a critical role in the capacity to perform at optimal levels and to expedite recovery. Clearly, the ability to fully recuperate after an exhaustive activity directly affects future performances and the intensity of training. Nutritional habits are also a factor in the development of physical attributes such as muscular strength and aerobic fitness.

You will find information here that will provide you, the weekend warrior, prep star, and collegiate athlete with tips on how to best develop and maintain a balanced diet that will lead to peak physical performance. Eat to win, and you will.


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