TPA Sports Foundation proudly celebrates and supports the young athlete who embraces a work ethic that encompasses each aspect of sports development: Sport Fundamentals, Physical Conditioning, Nutrition & Health, and Strategy Execution to excel on their respective fields of play. We know the well rounded development of these four elements is the foundation for creating dynamic performance. And, we know by combining these four aspects with Smart Choices and Good Character, you have what we call the Total Package – a great athlete and a great person.

The letters TPA in TPA Sports stand for Total Package Athlete – one who has it all- physically, mentally and emotionally: an athlete who has made the commitment to himself, and gone above and beyond giving the average effort in every aspect of development, and can demonstrate that ability and resolve on and off the field. More than ever before, athletes of this generation and the next generation will require more than physical ability to dominate their sport and achieve greatness.

Nutrition is a critical part of every athlete’s development. Know what foods give you energy to boost your performance and ….  

Smart Choices is about making good decisions and  the right choices, whether in the classroom, on the  playing field, or in .... 

During the most trying times in life and through the  most difficult circumstances is when the content of a persons Character is shown. A person, man or  woman, of Good Character is one who …. 


The sport you choose to participate in has basic fundamentals that an athlete must learn and demonstrate to be effective. The goal is to ….

Strategy Execution requires an athlete to impose his will and game-plan during the competition. Wining or losing often times comes down to ….

To be effective at playing any sport requires physical conditioning: speed, quickness, strength, power....


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